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About Comprehensive Education

NIWE Academy is now offering Comprehensive Education for aspiring beauty and wellness practitioners the opportunity to expand their services while saving money!

Study two programs of your choice to diversify your knowledge, master more in-demand skills, provide a variety of quality services, and get higher income!

  • Clinical Aesthetics
  • Hairdressing
  • Barbering
  • Esthetics
  • Nail

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We simplified the process into five easy, actionable steps for you.

  1. Read our Frequently Asked Questions below . If you have a question that isn't answered yet, please contact us.

  2. For assistance and other queries, call us at 1-403-453-8200 or email us to talk with a Career Counselor.

    Our admissions team cares about you. Your career goals, happiness, and success are the main priorities. They will walk you through each step of the process to ensure all your questions are answered, and all your concerns are addressed.

  3. Fill out this form to register online.

  4. Apply for financial aid

    If eligible, the Alberta Government will fund your loan, grant, scholarship, and award to help cover your costs while in school. Career Counselors can also assist you with this matter.

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  • What is the Comprehensive Education Package? +
    The Comprehensive Education Package allows students to combine two of our top-rated programs. Combining programs allows students to diversify their knowledge and master more in-demand skills. Enrolling through the comprehensive education package is much more cost effective that taking each program individually.
  • What will I learn? +
    Students can combine any of the following programs: Clinical Aesthetics, Hairdressing, Barbering, Esthetics, and Nails. Along with technical and practical experience, students will learn how to prepare for an interview, how to manage a business and marketing techniques.
  • How are students admitted to the program? +
    Email or call us at 1-403-453-8200 and ask to speak to an Admissions Coordinator for more information.


  • What do I need to wear to my classes? +
    At the beginning of each program students are assigned a professional uniform to wear. The exact uniform is course specific. Students are expected to dress professionally. Guidelines are provided in the student handbook.
  • Are there any extra precautions or guidance surrounding attending my course due to Covid-19? +
    The safety of our staff and students is of utmost importance. NIWE provides blended training programs which allow students to do learning online through our virtual classroom.

    Students first on-site day begins with infection control and Covid-19 training. We want our students to feel safe and secure at all times and NIWE always follows government regulations and best practices to ensure your safety.
  • What if I have Special Training Needs? +
    NIWE Academy is an inclusive space. We work hard to make sure that education is accessible to everyone. Speak to your intake counsellor about your specific training needs when you are completing the application process. Chances are, we can accommodate.
  • Are the classes and exams difficult? +
    Students who keep up with their studies should not find the classes or exams too difficult. We want our students to succeed, and instructors are always available for student support.
  • How are students graded? +
    Students are graded on, theory, practical, deportment and a final exam.
  • What is a passing grade? +
    The passing grade is 70%
  • What are the requirements for graduation? +
    Students must complete their training and required practical hours as well as a passing grade on their final exam to graduate.

    Note* Students with outstanding invoices must complete payment before we can provide diploma, certificates, and transcripts.
  • Is there interaction with instructors and other students? +
    Absolutely! Students will have plenty of opportunities to interact with their instructors and fellow-classmates as well as staff and students from NIWE’s other programs.


  • Do I need to visit the school in person, to apply? +
    No. You don't need to visit the school in person to apply. Interviews, tours and applications can be done virtually through an Admissions Coordinator.
  • How old do I need to be to enroll? +
    Anyone who is 18 or older can enroll in our programs.
  • Do you accept transferees from another school? +
    We don't accept transfer credits for our programs.
  • Should I be a high school graduate, have a G.E.D or a degree to enroll? +
    You don't have to be a high school grad, but we do recommend it.
  • What are the requirements for registration? +
    Click here for the requirements:
  • Do you accept International Students? Are the requirements the same? +
    We do accept international students. The requirements are only slightly different. For more information ,please read this document.
  • I would like to sign up for the Comprehensive Education Package. Who do I contact? +
    Email us or call us at 1-403-453-8200 and ask to speak to an Admissions Coordinator.

Financial Aid

  • Is financial assistance available? +
    Yes. There are government financial aid programs available to eligible applicants.
  • How do I apply for financial aid? +
    Your admissions advisor can help you apply.
  • Is there interaction with instructors and other students? +
    Absolutely! Students will have plenty of opportunities to interact with their instructors and fellow-classmates as well as staff and students from NIWE’s other programs.


  • How long is the Comprehensive Education Program? +
    Course lengths vary depending on which two you choose. Discuss this with your Admissions Coordinator.
  • Are classes self-paced or scheduled? +
    Classes are a blend of self-paced and scheduled.
  • Is there a maximum student absence? +
    Students are required to attend class to graduate. Students who cannot attend a class for any reason must inform their instructor ahead of time.
  • Can I have a special schedule to attend school? +
    Speak to the Admissions Coordinator if you have specific schedule limitations.
  • Can I work while I attend NIWE Academy? +
    Yes. Many NIWE students choose to work while they complete their education. The practical training portion does require your physical presence for 2-3 days per week. There are schedule options available that will assist in accommodating your work schedule.
  • I have finished all my theory. Can I do my practical training   whenever I want? +
    Practical hours do have some flexibility. There is a time limit in which you need to complete them, so you’ll want to coordinate with your instructor.

Equipment and Supplies

  • What is included in the student kit? +
    Your student kit will vary depending on the course you are taking. It will include everything you need to complete your program and move into the workplace.

Post-Graduation Careers

  • I have completed my training. Do I need to take an examination to provide services? +
    Yes. A final exam within NIWE is required. Additional exams to become fully certified depend on your program and industry. For instance, Hairdressing is a regulated industry, so it is important to complete your own research and discuss this with your Admissions Advisor.
  • Do you provide job assistance when I finish? +
    Your success is our success. NIWE has relationships with numerous employers, and graduate employment rates are very high.
  • Will you guide me in building my own business? +
    Yes. NIWE will work with you to help you build your dream business. Business basics are taught as part of all NIWE's programs and are specific to your industry.


  • When will I receive my certification? +
    Certifications are issued about 2 weeks after full program completion.
  • What if I don’t plan on staying in Canada, will my license be valid in other countries? +
    Licensing requirements vary from region to region. Please research the requirements in your community of interest or ask your admissions advisor for direction.
  • Are continuing education credits needed to maintain a license? +
    Most Programs do not require any continuing education credits, but they are encouraged as this is an ever evolving and innovative industry.