Lash Extension Certification Program

Become the go-to Eyelash Extensionist with our in-depth 3-Week Certification Program.

Become a Professional Eyelash Extensionist in just- 64 Hours (3 Weeks)

Graduate Ahead of the Competition

Become an in-demand Professional Eyelash Extensionist in the salon or spa of your choice.

Start your own profitable salon or spa from home or in a commercial space.

Become a go-to specialist so you can charge premium prices and attract premium clients.

Build your clientele FAST after graduating from our award-winning programs.

Consistently increase your sales and understand year-to-year profit simulations.

Enjoy peace of mind and creative expression in your new recession-proof career.


NIWE Academy

Your Future as a Lash Extensionist

Potential Earnings 

If you perform 4 clients a day:
(Based on a 5-day Work Week) 

$100 / Customer
$2,000 / Week
$104,000 / Annual

Be your own boss, and enjoy financial freedom today! 

Cosmetology Academy

Your Future as a Lash Extensionist

Potential Earnings  

If you perform 4 clients a day:
(Based on a 5-day Work Week) 

$100 / Customer
$2,000 / Week
$104,000 / Annual

Be your own boss, and enjoy financial freedom today! 

Professional Eyelash Extension Certification Program

NIWE Academy is proud to present our Lash Extension Certificate Program! Lash Extensions have always been an in-demand service in the beauty industry. The Eyelash trend has been one of the biggest innovations in the beauty industry and are far from losing sight of the craze. It’s a booming trend that’s become a service favorite all over the world.  

With the help of our qualified mentor, we have curated a Lash Extension curriculum that will help you service any needs your clients may have. From Classic Natural Lashes to dramatic va-va-voom lashes, you will confidently be able to service right after completion of our two-week certificate program. You will be able to work creatively every single day, and asses your client’s needs and wants.  

Become a Lash Extensionist today and become a creative artistic professional!

Our Professional Eyelash Extensionist Program is so much more than just gluing a fake eyelash onto a natural lash. It is the new career you have been longing for! 

Our Curriculum

Upon completion of our 3-week extensive certification Program you will get real-life hands-on learning that covers:  

  • Contraindications 
  • Consultation 
  • Spa Safety  
  • Pre & Post Care 
  • Business Base & Marketing 
  • Eyelash & Occular Anatomy 
  • Conditions of the Eyes 
  • Lash Health & Hygiene 
  • Mapping Styles 
  • Product Knowledge 
  • Classic Lash Extensions 
  • Volume Lash Extensions 
  • Hybrid Lash Extensions 
  • Eyelash Removal  
  • Eyelash Class Fill 

Skill Includes 

  • Classic Lash Extensions 
  • Volume Lash Extensions 
  • Hybrid Lash Extensions 
  • Includes Starter Kit 
Your dream. Paid for.

Finance Options

Tution: $3990

We offer Self-Pay Options without ANY additional fees. Speak with an Admissions Advisor for more information! 

Flexible Scheduling

NIWE Academy also offers scheduling that may be able to help cater to your current lifestyle! Whether you are working while in school or have other responsibilities, we wish to help make this dream attainable! 

Contact us to be put on our waitlist to reserve a seat in our Lash Extensionist Program! 

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Your future starts here.

Next Steps

Directly after enrollment, you’ll receive exclusive access to our state-of-the-art virtual classroom where you’ll enjoy a unique blend of online learning and practical hands-on training with our highly qualified beauty and business Mentors. 

We’ll guide you every step of the way, from theory to practice to ensure you not only easily pass your exams with the highest possible marks, but that upon graduation you’ll join our over 98% of graduates working their dream job or starting their dream business.

Why NIWE is Your Desired Choice

As ‘The Harvard of Beauty Institutes’ we pride ourselves in our gold standard approach to education.
  • Enjoy continued salon and spa discounts for yourself, family, and friends.
  • FREE lifetime professional advice from our highly qualified mentors.
  • Tutoring and job placement assistance for all Professionals in Training.
  • Affordable tuition with simple loan and finance options available.
  • State of the art virtual classroom and post-training so you can enjoy learning your way.
  • We put YOU first as we lead through integrity. Encourage creativity. And promote innovation.

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What Our Professionals in Training Say About Us

I am going to start my Clinical Aesthetician this may, it was where my sister graduated and recommended me to go. Their facilities are incredibly big and equipped. I highly recommend Shailini Lal as an admission advisor because she’s very informative, enthusiastic and I love her positive attitude.

Bea Ramos Avatar Bea Ramos
May 4, 2024

My goodness where do I start? I have had the absolute pleasure having Liz as my Permanent Makeup teacher. The things I have learned in such a short amount of time is insane. She is patient, VERY honest and has such an open genuine way in the way she teaches. I went through a very personal life changing time during my time at NIWE, and I can’t believe the way Liz supported me every step of the way. Her teaching is not just surface level, she truly cares about everyone she encounters and for that would recommend ANYONE to take this course at NIWE Academy. 10/10.

Missy Avatar Missy
May 1, 2024

The PMU program was definitely value for one’s money. I had done an extensive research on the best Academy to enroll in for PMU and everyone else basically was offering 2-3days course for ridiculous prices and to top it, it was for just one brow technique. This wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted a holistic learning of the PMU world and NIWE Academy did not disappoint. I’m most especially grateful to my mentor, Liz! I couldn’t be happier to have had her as the first mentor to initiate me into this PMU. Her teaching is exceptional and she was always willing to answer all my questions. Even when I’m with clients and I reach out to her, she’s very prompt to respond and provide the clarity needed. She’s definitely a 10/10. You can tell she’s knowledgeable and well vast and also very passionate about what she does which is really good. If you are a beginner wanting to learn and start a career in the PMU world, NIWE Academy is No. 1 in Calgary.

Olivia Nwosu-Arikibe Avatar Olivia Nwosu-Arikibe
April 22, 2024

Your Dream Career combined with your Dream Beauty School is Calling.

At NIWE Academy, we are dedicated to providing an unparalleled, world-class education in the beauty industy. Join the ranks of successful NIWE Graduates and be the future change-maker. Embrace the opportunity to achieve financial freedon and a rewarding work-study-life balance with a diploma or certification from NIWE Academy.