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COVID-19 Update – July 1st.

Services will not be completed if:

  1. You have a cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, or sore throat that's not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition.
  2. You have been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
  3. You have travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days.
  4. You have tested positive for COVID19 with the past 14 days.
  5. Unwilling to follow PPE, safety, or sanitization guidelines including mask usage.

COVID-19 Update – April 27, 2020.

The Canadian Government proposes to introduce the following:

  1. A Canada Emergency Student Benefit program (CESB), offering support to students and new graduates not eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. The proposed amounts are:
    1. $1,250 per month for eligible students.
    2. $1,750 per month for eligible students with dependents or disabilities.
    3. Broaden eligibility for student financial assistance by relaxing the spousal contribution amount.
    4. Enhance the Canada Student Loans Program by raising the maximum weekly amount that can be provided to a student in 2020-21 from $210 to $350.
    5. Offer a Canada Student Service Grant, providing up to $5,000 in educational funding to students who choose to do national service.
    6. Double the Canada Student Grants for all eligible full-time students to up to $6,000 and up to $3,600 for part-time students in 2020-21.
    7. Increase existing distinctions-based support for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Nation students.

The Government of Canada is also working to create up to 116,000 jobs, placements, and other training opportunities over the summer.

Once again, students who need more direction can contact Peter or Leslie. I will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Remember, you are what makes NiWE the amazing place that it is. Your dedication and hard work is what makes us the great team that we are. Keep up the good work!

COVID-19 Update – April 14, 2020.

  1. What are NIWE's short term and long term plans or protocol with new enrollments in May and onwards?
    1. Short term plan is to be doing theory and demos online, NIWE Academy is keeping a close measure on AHS and PCC on when we will be allowed to open up. You will have full support from your instructor to attend virtual classes, as well as any additional support for your learning. At this time, we unfortunately can not give an exact date due to the rapidly changing measures.
    2. Long term plan when we have the go ahead to open back up NIWE will notify when classes will resume in class lectures. NIWE will provide sufficient time for you to adjust back and prepare to come back to school.
  2. Will we have a projected date for hands on training?
    1. At this moment PCC (Private Career Colleges) has closed all private schools for in-class training. When we are notified that we can resume regular business, we will reopen within 10 days of the projected date and students will be welcomed back to finish their hands on training.
  3. What's Happening with my student loans during Covid - 19?
    1. As of March 30, 2020, all student loan repayment and interest charges will be paused for 6 months.
  4. If I am in school right now, do I have to worry about repaying my loans?
    1. As per student aid students will not have to repay until 6 months after graduation.
  5. How will I get my kit?
    1. Will ship with a welcome package from NIWE Academy, Remainder of kits will be delivered upon hands on training.
  6. With future changes or updates how will this be communicated?
    1. All future changes will be live on our website under Covid-19 Advisory and social media. All staff will receive notifications via staff email as well.

COVID-19 Update – March 17, 2020.

As Calgary continues to navigate the COVID-19 virus, NiWE Academy’s commitment to the health and safety of our students, and greater community, is our priority.

While the physical classrooms will be closed as a precautionary measure, our obligation to our student’s education remains as important as ever. The Academy will continue to operate through online training until our doors reopen.

Current Students
  • All classes for current students will continue online through our virtual classrooms.
Enrollment of New Students
  • Enrollment will remain open.
  • Our admissions team will continue to accept applications and will conduct applicant interviews virtually.
  • New students will be able to take courses online and through our virtual classrooms.
  • Please Note* We will not be taking any clients until further notice.
  • Students are not permitted on campus until further notice. However, NiWE management and instructors will continue to be available remotely for questions, concerns and ongoing training.
Self Isolation Reminders

Please self isolate if:

  • You have recently travelled outside of Canada
  • You're experiencing COVID–19 symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms are like influenza and other respiratory illnesses. Common symptoms include:

  • dry cough
  • fever
  • fatigue/extreme tiredness
  • difficulty breathing
  • pneumonia

If you have symptoms:

  • Stay home - do not go to an ER or clinic.
  • Take the COVID-19 self-assessment to determine next steps and find out if you require testing.
  • If you need immediate medical attention, call 911 and inform them you may have COVID-19.