10-Step Plan to Reach your New Year Goals!

November 23, 2021

The New Year is here. You’ve got your 2021 resolutions set and startedIt’s only January though and you’ve got to figure out a way to keep the momentum going. If you’ve tried resolutions in the past and didn’t get the results you wanted, maybe you just needed a plan.  

Try this 10 – Step Plan to keep yourself on track. Remember 2021 as the year you fulfilled your goals.  

1. Set Big Goals.

Why limit yourself? Take a moment to really think about where you want to be a year from now. Do you want to be a homeowner, take the trip of a lifetime? Do you want to change careers? Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself about how you see your life in a year from now, 5 years from now or even 10 years from now.

2. Write Them Down.

Get the goals out of your head and onto paper. Stick your list on the fridge, in your journal or on your bathroom mirror. Writing your goals down makes them real and is a regular reminder of what you promised yourself.

3. Create a Vision Board.

After you have created those goals and written down your intentions, its time to actually see the outcome. This may seem impossible since you’re still in the planning stages, right? This is where your vision board comes in. Save a bunch of magazines or print images and saying that inspire you. Then cut and paste them into a collage. Put your collage up where you are likely to see it on a daily basis. I know is sounds too simple to work, but try it. A year from now you’ll be glad you did.

4. Break Big Dreams Into Small Steps.

So now you’ve made a list of tenacious goals. AmazingNow break them into manageable steps over the next, say, 12 months. This will ensure you take action instead of just thinking about your goals. If your dream is to move into another career, take this month to research training. Enroll in your school next month, etc.

5. Set Deadlines

This may be your most important step. Setting deadlines for each step makes you accountable to yourself. Make your deadlines realistic to make sure you are able to meet them.

6. Mediate and Motivate!

Learn how to meditate. The visualization and mental presence mediation brings will keep you motivated through setbacks and moments of self-doubt.

7. Surround Yourself With Like-minded People

It’s easier to keep motivated when you can talk to other people who think like you, people who encourage you to push through. Even without even realizing it, you will gain new insights about how to overcome obstacles that come between you and your goals.

8. Avoid Negative People.

We become like the people we spend the most time with. So spending time with people who are negative or tell you it can’t be done, will definitely affect your faith in yourself, and the success of your goals.

9. Don’t Let Your Fear of Failure Stop You.

Okay, this is the deal. There will be setbacks. Understand that now and don’t let them stop you. Setbacks is how you learn to be successful. Every failure will bring you closer to your goal.

10. Celebrate.

Every time you complete a step, celebrate. Recognise how far your come. Even if it’s small. You did it! Those little celebrations will keep you going through the tough spots, until you reach your final goal.

I hope this helps you all get closer to your dreams. I’d love to hear back from you about how you reached your goals, overcame obstacles, and where you are now.

Written by

Anna-Maria Korell

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