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Our 1400 Hour (35 Week) Hairdressing Technician

Magic happens when we quench the thirst of our souls! Are you creative, outgoing, bold, or do you aspire to be?! No more Youtube tutorials! Take control of your destiny, and immerse yourself in a world of coloring, cutting, texturing, barbering and much more! So, I guess the question is...what are you waiting for? Call now for a tour and consultation, your dream is our reality!

Flexible Program Options

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2020 Classes
  • July 6th (Online - Full time)
  • September 7th Tentative (Day - Full time)
  • October 5th (Evening - Part Time)
  • Why Hairdressing Technician?

    • The industry of Hairstyling offer a world of creativity and flexibility like no other. NIWE Academy wants to introduce you to a personalized art that will have you continuously learning, growing, and creating throughout your career. Not only does Hairstyling and Barbering provide the ability to work flexible hours and in an abundance of different locations, it is essentially recession proof! Hairstyling is the career that shines in its opportunity to connect with others and offer a fun and necessary service to the world! If you’re looking for a career or perhaps a new skill that opens many exciting and fresh doors, give us a call us at 1-403-453-8200 to inquire more about Hairstyling!

    What You Will Learn

    • To be a Creative Stylist in any salon and spa
    • The “business” of Hairstyling - how to be successful as a Manager or Owner
    • Step by step procedure on opening a private salon (with city permits)
    • How to be a Platform Artist or Instructor
    • How you will consistently increase your sales each year
    • Year to year simulations on profit from your personal “Chair or Salon”
    • Have a recession proof and lucrative career

    Our Curriculum

    • Hair Cutting & Barbering — Basic to advanced from short to long cuts for woman and men including fades, hair tattooing, and shaving.
    • Hairstyling Techniques — Basic to advanced including blow-dry, wet sets, up-do’s, hair extensions, braiding, short and long hair styling techniques.
    • Hair Colouring — Basic to advanced including today's trends with Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, foil weaved and panelled highlighting techniques exclusively using La bioEsthetique Paris.
    • Texturizing — Chemical restructuring.
    • Salon Business — Intensive business training for employees, independent and everything you need to know to open your own salon commercially or at home.
    • Ethnic Hair
    • Hair Extensions


    Government Grants, Student Loans & Student Loans & Self Pay Option with no Additional Fees available Alberta Student Loans

    19 years or older with all provinces with the exception of Alberta.

    As per Alberta apprenticeship board requirements

    Why NIWE Is Your Desired Choice

    NIWE Academy offers some of the most competitive tuition among all licensed institutions in Alberta. Not only will you also receive one-on-one instruction with our seasoned industry professionals (experienced in both business and the beauty industry), we also offer lifetime professional advice for all graduates upon request. NIWE Academy’s attentive and inclusive approach guides you every step of the way, from theory to practice, to ensure that you pass your government exams with flying colours and the highest possible marks. Tutoring and job placement assistance is also available to assist in shaping you into a colourful and professional hairstylist! NIWE Academy teaches using Pivot Point’s Learn About Beauty on-line program, which includes the provision of tablets and laptops, to assist in creating an innovative and unique learning environment. Full Stylist Kit will also be provided—ensuring all you need to succeed will be right at your fingertips!