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Applying international students must agree to the isolation restrictions before being accepted by the school.

No student may travel while sick. If an incoming international student becomes ill prior to their travel date, they are required to immediately cancel and reschedule their flight(s) then contact NIWE about the change.

Arriving international students are required to review the COVID-19 Stigma Guide.


International students must review ArriveCAN prior to arriving at the Canadian Border.

International students and co-arriving family members must complete the ArriveCAN application within 48 hours of arrival in Canada and complete daily reports as per Government Guidelines.

Transportation from the Airport

Students and their co-arriving family members are directed to wear a mask and travel directly to their place of quarantine, as per AHS guidelines. Students are required to make their own travel arrangements from the airport to their place of residence and follow all quarantine guidelines consistent with Government of Canada Guidelines. To see a copy of these requirements see Here.

Information about transportation can be found in the International Program Guide.


Students and co-arriving immediate family members are required to secure their own private accommodations prior to arrival in Canada in accordance with AHS and Government of Canada Guidelines. They are directed to remain in this space for the entire 14-day isolation period. Information about accommodations is available in the International Program Guide.

Mandatory Isolation Period

All international students must self-isolate for 14 days before coming to school. Any student who has an international traveler arrive in their home must isolate for 14 days before re-entering the school. If an individual becomes sick during the 14-day isolation period, they must remain in isolation for an additional ten days from the start of symptoms, or until the symptoms resolve, whichever is longer.

Learning and Social Supports

Students may take online studies during this self-isolation period and received support from their instructor online of via phone until they can enter the school. NIWE has a mentoring program for international students. Students can request to be paired up with students who are Canadian Residents, who can help them navigate the city and country. For more information please read about NIWE's mentoring program.