Blue Seal Program

This Blue Seal course helps the student understand the basic principles and processes involved in starting, owning, and operating a small business in Canada. The course work will prepare the student with business skills and competencies necessary for operating a profitable business. The student will prepare a complete business plan & pitch deck and present it in the class.

What is the Blue Seal Certification?
The Blue Seal Certification enhances and arms Alberta tradespeople with the comprehensive knowledge on business competencies. This Certificate ensures that you do not only meet the requirements as a trades person in Alberta but you have the ability to move into higher positions in your industry.

Why complete the Blue Seal Certificate?
With Blue Seal Certification, you will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding of business competencies, which will allow you to move up in higher positions within your industry or a solid understanding of your upcoming entrepreneurial ventures.

What are my eligibility requirements?
In successful completion of any journeyman certificate any tradesperson may apply for a Blue Seal Certification.

What is required before I receive the Blue Seal Certificate?
Successful completion of 150 hours in the approved business subject areas.

Why Choose NIWE?
NIWE Blue Seal program is specifically curated for professionals in the beauty and wellness industry. NIWE has created a comprehensive certificate program in compliance with Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training Board to ensure your success in all business areas.

More details on the program:
As a result of active participation in this program, you can expect to:

  • Identify and explain the characteristics and habits of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Differentiate the various ways of starting a business (i.e., starting a business from scratch, buying an existing business, and operating a franchise.)
  • Know how to conduct a feasibility analysis, assess market potential, calculate market share, and determine profitability.
  • Determine at least four methods of valuing a business and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each method.
  • Compare and contrast the various types of business ownership/ legal structures.
  • Learn the basic financial management as well as how to finance a small business.
  • Get equipped with the Marketing and Sales knowledge needed to grow a small business.
  • Understand online and eCommerce avenues available to small businesses.
  • Learn about Operational and Management principles of small business.
  • Identify growth avenues and how to scale and manage growth in a small business.
  • Develop leadership, managerial, team building, and supervisory skills needed for a business owner.
  • Produce a business plan & pitch deck and present the highlights of their plan to class members.


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