Men's Hair for Fall 2020

As we head into the final months of 2020 and we slowly emerge from our cocoons, we are a little bit hairier than when we went in, especially the men :). And ladies, I for one am not complaining.

I don’t know if it truly was the influence of a worldwide pandemic that brought it on or recent popular programming such as Vikings and Frontier, but guys are really rocking the facial hair right now.

Viking and Frontier men's hairstyles

We’re also seeing long hair on top as well as bottom. The messy mop is back, but with a twist. These bearded, rugged, mountain men want us to know that this look is intentional, so a lot of guys are making sure they have perfectly coiffed sides (a huge yes from this girl).

Man with perfectly coiffed sides

And so, not surprisingly, we are seeing a return of man bun . . . sortof. This time around it’s more like a messy ponytail.

Man sporting a man bun

And I must admit, this reinvented look is growing on me.

So lets hear from you. What is your fav hair this season?