Henna Tattoos

A Must-Try for Winter 2020

henna tattoo on hand and forearm

You may remember in my recent blog, Hot Nail Trends that this seasons’ fashions are super creative and have an anything-goes attitude.

So it’s only natural that henna tattoos are so popular right now.

henna tattoo on chest

Henna tattoos are your chance to let the wild side show...

forearm henna tattoo

... And because these tattoos are not permanent, it’s really easy to have fun with them.

henna tattoo on middle finger extending up through back of hand to forearm

Tattoos that start at the hand and go up the arm are trending right now. But as I mentioned earlier, 2020 is an anything-goes year, so go ahead and experiment.

small henna tattoo on shoulder

Try the palm of your hand, your ankle, your shoulder or even your back.

a bucket of green powderIf you’ve never had a henna tattoo, here’s what you need to know.

Henna tattoos are not permanent. They can last up to 3 weeks.

Brown henna is made from the powder of the Henna flower, The final colour is an orange-brown and is completely natural and safe.

bucket of green powder

Black, blue, or white “henna” is a bit different as dyes are added. *A note of caution, if you’re are getting dyed “henna”. Make sure you go to someone reputable who uses safe, quality ingredients. This will avoid adverse affects.

henna tattoo on fingers and forearm