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Betty Zeng
Betty Zeng Hair Program
I had a great experience with this school. Love my hair instructor Russell. Not only does he teach us about everything with hair, he also teaches us how to run our own business. We had a really fun class and I’m very glad I picked this school and feel lucky to have had Russell, a great instructor. Thanks, NIWE!
Rupinder Rupi Sran
Rupinder Rupi Sran Hair Program
I really like NIWE. I started my hair stylist course in September 2017 and I am learning quite a bit already. My teacher Russell has many years of experience and knowledge. He explains lots of topics in detail very well. So, I love the school and have lots of respect for my teacher.
Martin Hair Program
I personally love this school. We have the most loving staff members and I feel at home every day I’m at school in the Hair Program. Our instructor Russell is extremely knowledgeable. We all learn how to face the real world by attending NIWE. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone.
Zahara Chevrier
Zahara Chevrier Hair Program
Going to school here was the best experience I could have had. Thank you for all for your care, kindness, support, and patience. Thank you for making me feel valued. Thank you to my incredible teacher. I never would have gone back to school if it wasn't for you. Thank you for believing in me. Teachers that weren't even my own were so supportive and caring. Thank you. I will miss all of you.
Sara Khan
Sara Khan Hair Program
NIWE school helps students learn all about cosmetology, hair design and more. They focus on the art of hair, covering topics like cutting, styling, maintenance and any other topic specific to the beautification of hair. NIWE hair program and instructors gave me the confidence and skills to enhance my talent as a hair designer.
I am a recent graduate and I am taking an advanced course, At the Goldwell. It’s pretty cool when I'm the only stylist in the salon I currently work at (including a hairdresser of 30 years) that knows this formula and is familiar with so many tricks for colour. Thank you, Russell, for being such a great teacher!
Sadia Iqbal
Sadia Iqbal Esthetics Program
NIWE gave me a clear direction for my life. I love my teacher Anna. I don't have adequate words to explain or express my experience. I simply love it and highly recommend it.
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown Hair Program
I had a great experience in the hair program at NIWE. The people were great, the education thorough, and I found work immediately out of school with confidence.
Tracy Fedor
Tracy Fedor Threading Course
I totally recommend this school. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I felt welcomed and part of the team. Definitely going to come back for other training.
It's a good place to learn. Everyone is friendly and cooperative. I will recommend to everyone to go there before you select any wrong college.
Noreen Hair Program
You've been so much more then a teacher! Our mentor, our support guide, and even our mum at times. Thank you for being a piece of our lives and for all the efforts to help us grow. The challenges you encourage us to face help us become who we are.
Chelsie Graham
Chelsie Graham Esthetics Program
I seriously love this place. Students are talented and the Instructors are hilarious. Very comfortable and fun. Thanks!