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Innovating the beauty and wellness education for over a decade.

At NIWE Academy, we know the importance of having a highly scalable career in cosmetology with financial freedom and work-life balance. Our aim is simple — to provide a family-based meaningful relationship, exceptional learning experience, and guidance for our students throughout the entire transition to their new profession.

Owned and operated by Sangeeta and Ramesh Sharma, we are grounded on the principles of a quality blended learning approach. We have developed an ever-evolving environment that allows a user-friendly and adaptable online education called Virtual Classroom with practical after-class hands-on experience inside our 7000 square feet college for our six main programs. There are also several individual courses available for career advancement. These academic programs and courses enable each student to acquire lifelong skillset and achieve their full potential.

We have a flexible study strategy that offers day classes and evening classes for those who work. Students at NIWE belong to a family with numerous resources to support their studies. Each course or program has its own community dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in specific subject areas. In addition, on-campus advisers are available to support students with life, academic, and financial concerns.

Being a greatly trusted cosmetology school, NIWE is registered under the Private Vocational Training (PVT) Act, a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and was recently awarded the Consumer Choice Award for Southern Alberta in the category of School-Hairdressing and Esthetics.

To provide the best start in your beauty and wellness career, we need you to take control of your destiny by taking the first step towards a dynamic life you’ve ever dreamed of.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family and sharing this incredible journey with you.


Sangeeta Sharma
With her extensive background and success in both education and spa ownership, Sangeeta created the state-of-the-art academic institution which is known as NIWE Academy. She recognized a need in Calgary for a personal, one-on-one, and innovative approach in learning. By combining both of her passions in life — education and beauty, Sangeeta founded the only cosmetology and massage college in Calgary that offers every aspect of state-of-the-art beauty and wellness training. Her philosophy, balance equals harmony can be seen in her actions and in what she firmly believes: “When you make learning easy and fun, we all benefit and become successful!” As a matter of fact, NIWE’s 98% job placement ratio proves this statement to be correct.
Ramesh Sharma
Vice President

Ramesh Sharma holds over 20 years of experience in Tech Communications at the corporate level. Equipped with his broad range of experience and expertise in business communication and operations, Ramesh now ensures that NIWE Academy is running smoothly and efficiently. He is always open to discussing new ideas and bringing a sense of ownership to each and every team member. Because of his friendly and personable manner, employees at NIWE feel at ease in openly expressing their concerns and comments with no further judgment, and can feel comfortable utilizing our institution’s open-door policy.
Nathan Sharma
Director of Marketing

Nathan Sharma, with an outstanding creative eye for design and elegance, has fitted himself perfectly as the marketing director at NIWE Academy. He began his professional career by pursuing business at the University of Calgary, and soon sought after more diverse opportunities to learn and grow. Nathan has attended and participated in several different business mastery courses, and exercised his leadership abilities through his mentorship programs, life coaching, and advising for multiple Start-Up programs. His tenacious personality is demonstrated through this commitment to his goals and desire to take his efforts to the next level, but perhaps what really what makes Nathan shine is his ability to bring a team together to create a beautiful vision.
Ashley Mena
Admissions Advisor

We pride ourselves on compassionate learning. This method of teaching highlights the student's individuality, strengthen weaknesses by celebrating growth, and respecting boundaries.
Dané Botha
Admissions Advisor

I believe NIWE's approach to creative, project-based learning and emphasis on the best possible practical training allows the opportunity to expand critical thinking skills. These skills foster innovation in the workplace, setting you on a trajectory for success that has no bounds!
Amanda Santos
Admissions Advisor

I believe, our NIWE family takes pride in our dedication by setting our student journey. from beginning to success. Sharing abundance of knowledge, showing respect and equality. Our attributes within our academy culture guides and opens many paths that leads to their personal and professional success.


Jesa Sibaen
Massage Therapy

Jesa is a relatable, compassionate, and hardworking massage and esthetics instructor at NIWE Academy. Jesa prides herself in her diverse background, with over ten years of experience as a massage therapist, makeup artist, and esthetician. She has been in the beauty and wellness industry working in the capacity as a teacher as well as a practicing professional. Her purposeful enjoyment can be found in teaching students from different national backgrounds and has even taught elementary students and children with special needs. Currently, on top of being a massage and esthetician instructor, she works in a high-end spa and owns her own business.
Johnny Domawa
Massage Therapy

Johnny is a bear of a man; serious but fluffy on the inside. He is handling the course development, online courses, and the theory courses that support clinical massage. With over ten years of experience teaching in university courses for allied medical professions, he pairs this skill with his top-grade technical computer and digital skills. He has been managing massage therapists on a variety of massage clinics and groups, organizing, facilitating, and supervising business and charity ventures. He thrives in doing the grunt work behind the scenes to keep things humming along. On the lighter side, he enjoys long drives, nature photography, and writing prose and poetry. Furthermore, just like a bear, he loves to take a nap.
Erin Harlow
Massage Therapy

Erin graduated from Grant MacEwan University in 2003 with a diploma in Massage Therapy Studies. She went on to complete a Yoga teacher training program in 2006 and has been able to combine her love of therapeutic yoga with massage therapy to offer an enhanced approach to healing for her clients. Throughout her 16 year career, Erin has worked collaboratively with physiotherapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, and psychologists to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals. She always had a career goal to eventually become a massage therapy instructor and was able to realize this goal when she joined NIWE in June of 2019. She loves having the opportunity to share her knowledge with the students she teaches every day. Outside of work, Erin enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.
Sandra Hamonic
Hair Styling/Barbering

With over 30 years in the hair industry as a salon owner, manager as well as several years accompanied with leadership and communication, Sandra remains passionate about what she does and feels very blessed to share that passion with the students at NIWE! Sandra’s goal now is to guide and coach each student to find their same passion inside that will give them a lifelong career in the Hair and Beauty Industry!
Janice Whelen
Hair Styling/Barbering

Janice has been a professional hair stylist for 35+ years and is a proud, born and raised Albertan. She began her hair career in Drayton Valley, AB where she owned and operated three hair salons, and has reinvigorated her passion for hair through her transition to the classroom from the salon floor. Janice has worked high-profile hair events across Canada, including fashion shows, hair events and TV shows such as Cityline and How to Look Good Naked Canada. She is excited to continue sharing these past experiences and her hair knowledge with students for many years to come.
Alyssa Mulder
Hair Styling/Barbering

My name is Alyssa Mulder and I have been passionate about this industry for years. I grew up wanting to be a stylist off and on and when I had the chance to go to hair school, I took it and never looked back! I love how the hair industry is everchanging. To be successful I have kept up with trends and I have been sure to continue my education in all different aspects of barbering which I specialize in. I have always loved being behind the chair because of the clients and building relationships with them. Also, the way a good haircut makes the client feel and making their day really touches my heart. Now that I have the opportunity to teach, I feel so grateful to give back to the students what my teachers have given to me. I hope to make a good impact on the barbering/hairstyling course here at NIWE and I want to help the students build their confidence so that they enter the workforce feeling completely comfortable. I plan to continue learning and growing to make sure I am always doing my best for the students because they come first!
Alicia Hickman
Hair Styling/Barbering

Mala Anthony

Mala holds a Master’s degree in Arts and has a strong 10 + years experience in both banking and beauty services. Mala is a NIWE graduate who is now a successful entrepreneur and the academy’s Esthetics and Nails educator. She joined NIWE Academy because she felt inspired for its positive attitude towards their students, assisting them all the way from receiving financial assistance to successfully opening their own establishment.
Trinnie Ma
Clinical Teachers Assistant

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