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November 23, 2021

With Canada’s unemployment rate holding firm in the double digits, I went on a search to find out what industries are thriving. There are a few. Some of the most in demand, I found out, are in the beauty industry.

I decided to ask the Team at NIWE Academy about job trends. Peter Telfer, Operations Manager, and Candice Fudge, Education and Employment Specialist, agreed to sit down with me. If anyone would know about trends in the beauty industry, it would be these two.

Are there people who are considering retraining because of the pandemic and the job situation?

C: Absolutely, people are more interested than ever to do what makes them happy! And the upside of our industry is there is a lot of room for personal growth and development with owning your own business.

What types of courses should people be looking for? And what do you offer here?

P: The booming jobs right now are in hair care and colouring, massage, aesthetics and spa services. Potential students need to really do their homework. There are a lot of fast-track courses out there right now that won’t give students the training they need. If it seems too good to be true, too cheap or too fast, it is!

The courses we offer so far are, Nail Technician, Massage Therapist, Hairdressing Technician, Esthetics, Comprehensive Esthetics and Clinical Aesthetics.

Are people nervous about student loans?

C: I feel that with the loan repayments stopped over Covid-19, people are trusting that the government has their best interest in mind. So no, everyone seems to be comfortable with the loan process.

What courses are most popular?

C: The most popular right now is Comprehensive Esthetic, as it encompasses the full range of Esthetic and Aesthetics services.

With such a high unemployment rate is there concern about finding a job after graduation due to the pandemic?

C: I find with our industry, especially esthetics, massage and hairstyling, people are discovering how important it is for them to be able to provide services for their family and friends bubble, should we go back into another lockdown. The opportunity to work from home has become in demand and very appealing!

P: Yeah! What we offer for programs is very much in demand from employers.

What can you tell me about students getting a job after graduation?

P: We are partnered with several well-established national franchises who tell us services are busier than they have ever been. Calls are coming in daily from companies seeking new graduates for employment. Seventy per cent of our students are hired directly out of our programs.

C: A lot of our students are entrepreneurs too, and open their own home based businesses. We also have wonderful relationships with local businesses so are able to provide lots of opportunity by way of interviews.

And what graduates are in the greatest demand?

P: Massage definitely. In fact, we have employers who have already chosen candidates who haven’t even graduated yet. They have been hired to start the day after they receive their certification.

C: Then Hairdressing P: Hairstyling has been booming, People will always need haircuts. Hairstyle technician is an extremely sought-after profession right now.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

C: Just that our industry is multi- faceted, so there is lots of opportunity for growth and it’s a lot of fun helping people look and feel amazing! It’s a relationship building industry and your clients become your extended family!

P: We are regularly contacted by spas, salons and clinics looking for properly trained graduates that are ready to enter the job market, so for anyone sitting on the fence about retraining in this industry, I say go for it. And guys, this means you too. Barbering services are also in high demand.

Written by

Anna-Maria Korell

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