Laser Hair Removal

November 23, 2021

Bathing suit season is here. Beauty Spas have opened up and women are flocking to them to get rid of unwanted body hair. Though many people still wax, laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

Laser hair removal has existed for 20 years, but really started to explode in popularity over the last decade.

It works like this. The hair removal machine emits a light energy laser, which is drawn to the pigment in the hair. It then converts into heat at the hair follicle, making the follicle unable to grow hair for up to 2 years.

These machines can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

In the right hands, the discomfort is less than waxing and the desired effects last considerably longer.

But Sangeeta Sharma, President of NIWE Academy, cautions consumers about getting laser hair removal from untrained practitioners. “In most provinces, including Alberta, these hair removal devices can be purchased by just about anyone, and the procedures can be performed in almost any setting,” she says. “They don’t need to be trained on using them or even know how to test them for safety.”

Sharma is also quick to point out that in some cases, untrained technicians have left patients with permanent skin damage and in considerable pain.

Patients have no way to report unsafe practices.

“In Alberta, there is still no regulatory body to investigate complaints. This has left some patients burned or scarred, but with no apparent way to report their injuries,” Sharma warns.

She goes on to explain that skin care technology has moved so fast that provincial legislation has simply not been able to keep up. But there are ways to get the services you want AND stay safe doing it.

Make sure your practitioner is properly trained.

Although there is still no minimum standard of training required to use laser removal devices on clients, there are ways you can be sure to have the experience you want.

  1. Is your Technician PVT (Private Vocational Training) Accredited? If not, think twice.

  2. Do a quick Google search. In the absence of a clear reporting system, unhappy customers often turn to Google Reviews or sites like TripAdvisor to warn others.

  3. Do your research and know what to expect. Find out what your experience is not supposed to feel like and trust your gut.

  4. Sign this petition to tell the government we want stronger regulations. Then keep posted for more. 

Laser hair removal is wonderful technology, and done by a trained professional, it is cost effective and can save you countless hours of personal grooming.

If you want to give laser hair removal a try, check out NIWE Academy. NIWE Comprehensive Aesthetics students are taught best practices in laser hair removal right from the start. You can use the opportunity to learn about the process and see how safe laser hair removal can be.

Written by

Anna-Maria Korell

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