Dehydrated Clogged Skin and Facials

November 23, 2021

In Calgary, the environment is very dry which in turn can lead to dehydrated skin. This does not mean the skin lacks oil. In this instance, the skin lacks water.

There are a number of ways dehydration can occur in the skin. Weather, environment, diet, caffeine and cigarette consumption all play a role. 

Just because the skin is dehydrated, this does not mean that it cannot be clogged with a build up of oils that we as estheticians call comedones or in more common terms “white heads and black heads”. When determining if your skin, in fact, lacks hydration rather than oils, a simple analysis can be done. The skin will look dull, may feel tight and you may notice fine lines are becoming more obvious. You may also notice that the dark circles under the eyes are beginning to look more prominent. 

The first step when trying to correct this common issue is determining what is causing the dehydration, for example, if you are a coffee drinker, make a mental note to have a glass of water after every cup of coffee you drink. Another thing that can be done when combating dehydrated, clogged skin is to make an appointment with a trusted esthetician for a skin analysis and facial. This jumpstarts a proper skin care routine and allows you to start fresh!

The esthetician, during the face analysis will let you know what type of skin you have, and give you tips on how to treat your particular skin type. During the facial, the esthetician will typically use steam, exfoliation and an extraction method to deal with the clogged pores. This in turn helps penetrate the beneficial products deeper into the skin.

Once the pores are cleaned out, a facial mask is typically applied to combat whatever issue is being dealt with. In the case of dehydrated, clogged pores, it would typically be a water-based mask. This is because the skin lacks water (hydration) not oil. Once the facial is completed the esthetician would recommend a proper at home facial regime. This includes a face wash, a toner and a moisturizer chosen for your skin type. Again with dehydrated clogged pores, they would typically steer clear of oil-based products and recommend water based products.

Engaging in proper at home care will really help in the long run and ensure that good skin changes happen! Facials are typically recommended once every 2-4 months to maintain healthy skin. As the skin changes with age, environmental factors, and the state of your health and wellness it is always advised to find an esthetician that you trust so they can help you throughout your skin care journey!

Written by

Anna-Maria Korell

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