Why Short Fast Track Esthetics is Bad for Your Career

November 23, 2021

Avoid Quicky Aesthetics Programs!

We’ve all heard the stories of clients being injured by laser treatments. We’ve seen the pictures and read the articles of someone leaving a treatment clinic with painful burns and ugly scars.

As laser treatments become more popular and commonplace, the need for practitioners is growing and some trainers are cutting corners . . . with potential disastrous results.

Because the industry is moving so quickly, legislation and safety standards are lagging behind. This loophole allows for fast-track courses to exist and thrive.

Steer clear of fast-track programs

The recent development of fast-tracked programs has become an alarming trend that can cause serious injury. Educators want to cash in on what they see as easy money, and potential students see a fast and cheap training opportunity and jump on it.

“Just because the industry isn’t regulated doesn’t mean we should cut corners,” says Yarlie Garcia, Clinical Aesthetician and Instructor at NIWE Academy.

Students left lost and confused

“When places offer fast-tracked training, they end up having to take short cuts to stay within their time restrictions. They can cut out necessary techniques including proper use of laser equipment and clinical protocols and spend less time on science theory. This leaves students feeling lost and confused because they are not able to grasp the concepts of treatment protocols and contraindications,” Garcia explains. “Fast-tracking may also mean that students don’t have enough supervised clinical hours, diminishing their confidence to enter the real world and increasing their chances of making mistakes.”

Insufficient training can end your career

A short fast-tracked clinical aesthetics programs may not just be detrimental to your career; it may end it before it has time to begin.

“Rushing clinical aesthetic programs leads to students feeling unprepared to face the real work setting,” Garcia explains. “Time and time again I have also seen students who lack confidence in what they have been taught; this in turn, sets students out to fail.”

Make sure you thoroughly research any course you are considering taking. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Set yourself up for success

Final words of advice from Garcia; “A career in clinical aesthetics can be extremely fulfilling, both personally and financially. Make sure you set yourself up for success”

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Written by

Anna-Maria Korell

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