10 Tips For Healthy Hair

November 23, 2021

Having great hair make us feel like a million dollars. Here are 10 quick tips to create and maintain healthy beautiful hair.

1. Don’t brush wet hair

Instead, try brushing your hair before you step into the shower. Hair is more brittle when it is wet so brushing if when it is dry will cut down on breakage.

3. Eat a balanced diet

Hair is made up largely of protein, so a diet that includes high-protein foods are great for it. Certain vitamins and irons will also enhance the health and look of your hair. Eat plenty of veggies and other foods rich in vitamins C and E to boost collagen production. This will result in stronger strands. Consider taking biotin and sea kelp supplements for extra radiance.

4. When washing your hair, apply shampoo to the scalp

and upper part of the hair.

5. Use conditioner after every shampoo

For best results, just condition the lower part of the hair. Using conditioner this way, improves and protects hair from damage. It will also decrease static electricity, making for fewer crazy hair days.


If you have chemically treated hair, your hair will be generally drier than non-treated hair. It may be a good idea to wash it less frequently and use a moisture based deep conditioner like Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick. This product is available for sale Here.

7. Use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair

when possible. Hot water can damage your hair making it brittle. Rinsing with cold water and conditioner will make it shinier and fresher looking.

8. When putting your hair up, use scrunchies or choose hair ties carefully

Cheap hair ties can get caught in your hair and cause breakage.

9. Have your hair trimmed regularly

Trimming the ends of your hair will keep the tips healthy and avoid split ends.

10. Have your hair professionally coloured whenever possible

Hair colour is more detailed that people think, and a lot of science goes into it. A trained hair stylist will be able to calculate precise results, so you aren’t surprised by some unexpected colour. If using drug store colour is your only option, take the time to speak to an onsite professional for best results.

Written by

Anna-Maria Korell

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